Interior Trim Installation Palo Alto, CA

The installation of interior trim in your Palo Alto, CA home can take an otherwise uninspired room and transform it into a comfortable place for family and friends or an opulent entertaining room full of luxurious touches. Many homeowners believe they must do major remodeling in order to update their homes, but this is not the case. Custom Painting can help give your house the boost it needs, without excessively high prices.

Interior trim comes in all shapes, styles and sizes, from crown molding and wainscoting to window casings, architectural columns and beams. Each type of trim can help define the various spaces in your home while adding interest and dimension to otherwise flat and dull walls and ceilings. Also, installing trim is often a more inexpensive way of making a large impact without breaking your budget.

Choose Professional Installation of Interior Trim for Your Palo Alto, CA Home

Whether you choose to install wainscoting to your bathroom or crown molding to your dining room, you want the job done professionally and within your budget. At Custom Painting, we offer quality workmanship at competitive prices in the city of Palo Alto and other Bay Area communities in Northern CA. With over a quarter century worth of experience, we know what it takes to see your project from inception to completion.

Since it's not always easy to visualize the project you want, we offer you design and color consultations in your home in Palo Alto, CA. We can show you what to expect from the installation of trim to the interiors of your house, without you having commit to a look that you may not like. We want you to be happy with the work we complete, so we are happy to take the time to help you make the right decisions, even before we begin.